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We tell ourselves if we could only make “these” changes in our lives, we’d be happier & life would be great.

What if we have it all backwards?

Don’t make it about change. Make it about getting to know yourself. What makes you happy? What do you love? What brings you joy?

ACCEPTANCE ~ And then we can begin to change

what is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership, co-designed by coach and client to support the client’s growth and forward movement.  With non-judgment, curiosity, and an openness to what’s possible, coaching is designed to assist the client in knowing themselves fully, creating a safe and courageous space for self-acceptance, and supporting the changes that reflect the truth of who a client is, how they’re being, and getting them where they truly want to be going.

how does it work?

Bi-weekly meetings via phone or zoom.  First we set a foundation for our work together which includes getting to know one another, designing how we’ll work together, and a combination of discovering who you are and where you think you want to go.  As a coach, I listen for what’s not being said with as much curiosity as I listen for what is being said.  I ask questions that no one else is probably asking you, and if they do, they’re likely not listening with the depth of curiosity and non-judgement that will inspire true change.  That’s my job.

who is it for?

People who have hit “the wall” or know they’re speeding towards it.
Whatever your wall is, be it exhaustion, forgetting who you are, knowing change is needed but not knowing where to begin, lacking passion for your work, in an existential crisis, or just bored with it all, coaching can be a first step towards shifting where you are or where you’re headed.  Lets’ talk.

how much?

It depends.  There are many ways to work with me.  Follow links below to explore packages.  Always happy to custom design a program that works just for you.  Let’s start with a conversation  (complimentary, of course) and see what sort of an investment in yourself you want to begin with.

what i trust

If we have a conversation, we’ll be able to see if coaching, and coaching with me, is for you.  I’m passionate about people finding the support they need, and not attached to it being with me.  If you’ve read this far, I already care about you.  Let’s see what will best support you where you are in life now.

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30 minute complimentary call