Peggy's Cove

Dear Client,

My favourite place to take people, in all the world, is Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. In my dream mind, I would bring every client there. We’d find a secluded place, where only Mother Nature could hear. I’d probably have a couple of my quilts for us to sit on or wrap ourselves in. We’d have a beautiful conversation while letting the ocean wash our worries away.

That space, with nothing to do or worry about is such bliss. I don’t think we give ourselves permission to visit that place often enough.

As one who knows the inner battle well, I’ve dedicated my adult life to really getting to know how we operate. It fascinates me how we can be so kind to others and turn around and be so cruel to ourselves.

Let’s discover the place where you feel at home inside yourself. The place where you can let go of all the solving and fixing, all the strategic thinking, controlling & beating yourself up.

Through Coaching & Akashic Records work I’ve found a method that really helps to connect people to that inner place of truth.  Whether it’s through the Akashic Records where we open to spirit or we’re in that intimate conversation that coaching is, we’ll slowly take away all the distractions and roadblocks that are keeping you from living the life you long for.

Though we won’t be at Peggy’s Cove during our sessions, know that we can bring the beauty & magic with us.

Together, let’s find that place that brings you Home to yourself.

I can't wait to meet you.