Take your Bookkeeping Online

Imagine this....

Instead of spending hours hunting down crumbled receipts and manually typing numbers into Excel spreadsheets, you simply log in to your online accounting software, enter your daily or weekly invoices/income and expenses with just a few clicks and voila, you’re up to date.

By keeping track of your financial transactions as you go, you’re building a clear and up-to-date picture of your business’s financial health. No more guess work, no more last-minute rushes to sort through stacks of paper and no more scrambling when tax season comes.

Your online accounting software becomes your trusty sidekick, handling the calculations and organization for you. It’s like having a personal assistant dedicated to your financial well-being. And when the end of the year rolls around, you won’t find yourself buried under paper mountains or wrestling with spreadsheets. You’ll already have a tidy and accurate record of your financial journey for the year.

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Hi, I'm Beth

I bring over 40 years of hands-on bookkeeping experience to the table. Throughout my professional career I’ve worked with small businesses and charities, managed special projects, and run my own successful ventures. My deep-rooted understanding of bookkeeping allows me to bridge the gap between financial complexity and approachable solutions. If accounting jargon makes your head spin, fear not – I’m here to make things easy. With a track record of streamlining finances and ensuring accurate records, I’m dedicated to empowering you on your financial journey. Together, we can navigate the world of bookkeeping with clarity and confidence.

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Take Your Bookkeeping Online Program

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Initial call

After a no obligation initial call, our first order of business is to sign an Engagement letter, outlining our work that includes a confidentially agreement. Once that’s done, you’ll receive a questionnaire, asking questions about your business related to what type of business, different sources of revenue, unique expenses and other questions that relate to your current method of tracking. I’ll use the information from this during our Onboarding call.

Onboarding call

During our call we’ll review all aspects of your business as it relates to your accounting needs. We’ll get a clear idea of how to set you up for bookkeeping success.

What happens after our Onboarding call?

I'll set up your custom chart of accounts, tailor your invoice and enter one month of revenue and expenses, that you’ll provide to me.

Then we’ll schedule three – one hour training calls.

Training calls

Revenue:  You’ll learn how to post invoices, receive payments, and send reminders to clients when they haven’t paid.

Expenses: You’ll learn how to post expenses and pay bills.

Financial Reports: We’ll look at the Balance sheet & Income Statement, also referred to as a P&L. Then we’ll review what’s working now and what you still need help with

Key benefits to moving your bookkeeping online


  • Online accounting software is designed to be user-friendly, even for people who aren’t accounting experts. You will be able to manage your finances without getting lost in complex accounting jargon.
  • By automating tasks like data entry and calculations, you free up time for more important business activities.
  • Manual bookkeeping can lead to mistakes. Online software helps eliminate errors. It does the calculations for you, reduces the chance of transposing numbers, or miscalculating revenue and taxes.
  • Stay organized by categorizing your income and expenses. This makes it easier to track where your money is coming from and where it’s going.
  • Access your financial data from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.


And, maybe most importantly, peace of mind. By always knowing your financial situation, you’ll have peace of mind about your business’s financial health.

Your investment $795.00 Cdn + HST (if you're located in Canada)

Common questions

How long will this process take?

Three to five months from our initial call to our third training call. After our Onboarding, it will take two to three weeks for me to complete the setup and entering of one month’s revenue and expenses. We’ll set up our first training call at the end of our Onboarding call. This in-between period will allow you time to gather your records for the current year, so we’ll be ready for our first training call. It’s also important to leave time in between training for you to continue entering your current year’s transactions. I will be with you every step of the way and available for questions should they arise.

What online accounting software do you use?

I am a Certified Pro Advisor, with Quickbook’s Online. If this is the software you choose, I’ll be able to offer you a discounted rate for a monthly subscription.

How do we meet?

All our calls will be on Zoom. This gives us the ability to record the training sessions for you to refer to, if needed.

What about preparing tax returns?

I don’t do tax returns and, as a bookkeeper I don’t make recommendations as it relates to filing taxes. I do work with my client’s accountants at YE and in any special planning.

I live in the USA can you still help me?

Stay tuned! I will be expanding this service in 2024.

Do you offer ongoing support after this program is complete?

Yes! We can talk about this during our engagement. I offer a quarterly check-in. We’ll meet for a 30-minute phone call to check in. Then, I will schedule time to sign into your books and review your Income Statement and Balance Sheet. I’ll review any questions or concerns you bring up on our call. Then we’ll connect by zoom for one hour to review your books and your statements.