Canoeing in Cape Breton

Moved by Spirit

In a split second, while standing in a rug hooking store on a visit to the Maritimes, I declared out loud. "That’s it, I’m moving to Nova Scotia."


Letting myself really feel and declare was the moment EVERYTHING in my life changed.

After 50 years of searching for the magic thing that was going to fix me, serve the world around me, and help resolve all the conflicts - both internal and external, I finally STOPPED and....

I allowed myself to be completely and fully moved by spirit.

From that moment on,  I've let my hands and spirit lead me to working with fabric, creating quilts, hooking rugs, doodling, and generally ARTing my heart out.

Following threads, cutting fabric that delights, rearranging, then sewing it back together, is a powerful metaphor for the work I've done for years as a Coach and Akashic Records Practitioner.

Whether taking a good look at our lives, or a quilt in progress, there's this space in between.  You know, the space between trying to figure everything out and the other place that we may not understand, that makes our heart happy and makes life make sense.

As an Artist, I bridge the gap with fabric, design, colour and pattern.  As a Coach, I help create the bridge between understanding and happiness.

Together, with the guidance of the Akashic Record Keepers, I support people in being led and moved by spirit. Through coaching, strategizing and planning, I support clients in taking action towards creating a life that feels aligned and brings you more joy. And as an Artist, I always seek new ways to put it all together.

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Beth with Shawl